Geek Events Australia is your guide to every geeky event, meet and convention across Australia.
(And New Zealand too!)

The word “geek” is a malleable term that encompasses a variety of interests including (but certainly not limited to) films, comics, animation, costuming, cosplay, books, technology, video games, role playing games, larp, music, art, science fiction, steampunk, cyberpunk, furries, anime, writing, robotics and programming. To paraphrase The Matrix: no one needs to tell you’re a geek, you just know it, through and through.

Our events page is something to behold – or if Twitter or Facebook is more to your style, we also feed all of our event postings there.


In September 2007, Will Owen and Kyle Evans created CannedGeek.com which started as a standard podcast/article website before gradually transforming over the years into an events guide.

Meanwhile in March 2016, Hannah Smith created a similar list on Facebook called Geek Events Australia. (She is also the creator of the gaming convention BezerkaCon)

And in August 2016, the two groups merged like Voltron!

Contact Us:
If you want to contact us to suggest an event, make a press enquiry, update your event listing or just say hello – you can do so by contacting us on mail(at)geekeventsaustralia.com

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