Oh Hi Doggie

We raised $895.55 for Child’s Play with just 50 people.
Thanks for coming – it was an experience.

Since 2007 Canned Geek has been the comprehensive guide to every event across Australia and New Zealand – and we felt it was about time we ran an event of our own. Oh Hi Doggie is a charity film screening of the cult classic The Room to raise funds for Child’s Play – a charity organisation which distributes toys and video games to children in hospitals worldwide. Sometimes charity means sacrifice. Other times charity means sitting through and laughing at a bad movie.

When: 8pm on Saturday, July 6th, 2013
Where: Arrow On Swanston (488 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC)
Entry: $15 (100% of which goes to Child’s Play)

Note that since The Room is a mature film, attendance is restricted for people aged 18 or over. Attendees under the age of 18 will not be granted entry.

Why Child’s Play?

Child’s Play is an American based charity which helps sick children in hospitals by distributing much needed toys and video games to a network over 70 hospitals worldwide.

“It’s hard for kids to cope with hospitalisation,” explains Lina Lewis of the Seattle Children’s Hospital. By engaging them through play and distraction, children are better able to deal with a hospital environment, request less pain medication and are more compliant with medical procedures.

Penny Arcade co-creator Jerry Holkins further explains: “Playing video games provides a line of continuity between living at home and living at the hospital.” It can be a scary time for both children and parents.

Since starting in 2003 the charity has raised millions and has had a profound and substantial impact in helping children through their time in hospital.

Why The Room?

Since its release in 2003, The Room has been regarded as one of the worst films of all time. Written, directed and starring Tommy Wiseau, it tells the story of a man whose relationships crumble around him. It also has absolutely nothing to do with Child’s Play.

It has, however, gained a massive cult following and is considered by many to be the prime example of ‘so bad it’s good.’ The Melbourne screening has the potential to raise thousands of dollars for Child’s Play and it’s our hope that The Room will draw people in. Spoons will be provided at the door.