Cornfest: An Interstellar dinner menu

There’s this scene in Interstellar where the family dinner table is filled with nothing but foods made up of corn. In this dystopian future, corn has become the only viable crop – so it’s corn for breakfast lunch and dinner. Interstellar may not be the best film ever, but it is a film of grand ideas.So it came to be that on a Wednesday night as our sharehouse settled in for a movie night to watch Interstellar, I served up a dinner menu consisting of 90% corn. This would be a meal that was more of an art experiment than a real dinner.

Tonight’s Dinner Menu:

The result was about as corn filled as you’d expect. The corn fritters were reasonable – essentially they’re corn omlettes. The corn custard was too sweet for most tastes – unsurprising for a desert made mostly from corn and sugar. The popcorn and corn cobs came out nicely though. There’s links above if you want to make any of these yourself.

It was a fun experiment at least. I tried to adhere to the homeliness of that scene too, buying whole corn cobs rather than tins of corn kernels. When it came to the popcorn, microwave packets were out the question. The results was palatable, moderately filling and with some moments of sweetness. Not unlike Interstellar really.