Career Geek

The Career Geek podcast was a spin-off of the Canned Geek podcast which interviews professionals working in fields relevant, in some way, to geeky interests in the interest of learning how to get into these awesome jobs.

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Season 2: Recorded 2010

Zoologist – Dr Jenny Martin

Voice Actor – Bill Farmer

Graphic & Web Designer – Yug

Web Producer, Writer & Comedian – Katherine

Software, Programmer & Systems Admin – Andrew

Season 1: Recorded 2009

Film Director/Writer – Stephan Elliot

Film Writer – Sheridan Jobbins

Video Games Designer – Caroo

Web Developer – Kurrel

Animation Story Unit – Dan Graf

Doctor GP – Dr Jenner

Comedian – 2 Gryphon

Entertainment Business Manager – Pete

Further Listening

Here are some podcasts which also discuss getting into geeky careers or are useful learning resources – or both.

Video Games

The ReAnimators: The format of the show varies and it’s all great, but most useful are their breaking in podcasts where they talk with numerous people about their pathway into the video games industry.
The Official Harmonix Rock Band podcast: As well as talking about Rock Band and music, recently they’ve also been doing interviews with Harmonix staff talking about how they got into their jobs.

Music And Audio Engineering
The Home Recording Show: Incredibly thorough and useful show in which three experts discuss, show and analyse different audio techniques.

The Animation Podcast: Useful both for hearing and learning from animation masters as well as hearing their breaking in stories.
Spline Doctors: Interviews by Pixar staff with Pixar staff. (Plus a Richard Williams interview!) Great for the breaking in stories and discussions on animation methods.
Toon In! …to the World of Animation: Interviews with people from across the animation industry of the past few decades. It’s steeped in both history and tales of career progression.
Speaking of Animation: Discussions of animation method and theory from DreamWorks animators.