You might have noticed the front page looks different now. The big news is that we’ve turned our geek events calendar into a directory.

Functionally things will remain the same. You can still search for LEGO events in NSW or furry conventions in WA. The only missing feature is listing the date of the next event, since that’s such a huge variable at the moment.

The reason for the change should be obvious. Given that many events are having to cancel at the last minute and rescheduling multiple times, it was more work for us to maintain a calendar that may be out of date a week later. Geek Events Australia has been running since 2007 and we didn’t want to just close up shop. We wanted to remain a community resource for people and help people find cool events that they may not have known about otherwise.

We’ve also been reaching out to events to check for those that are just dormant – with hopes of returning one day. Those events will remain on our listings. People also welcome to email us about adding or updating events too.

The main change you’ll notice is that since there be no more weekly event posts on Twitter and Facebook and no more mailing list. The website will be the go-to place to find out what’s happening near you.

Also for those who want a TLDR version:

  • We’re now a directory instead of a calendar
  • You can still search for event categories and locations and all that good stuff
  • No more mailing list, Twitter or Facebook posts. Website directory is the main hub.

We hope this still works well for people. We pride ourselves on being an ad-free community resource and wanted to make sure that we were actually doing something useful. Both Australia and New Zealand has an amazing array of large and small events across the spectrum of geeky interests and organisers everywhere are doing great work in keeping their communities alive as best they can.

All the best and of course, stay safe, take necessary precautions (e.g. masks, get vaccinated/boosted) and keep up to date with the latest warnings and regulations in your state/territory/region/wherever you may be!