Noodle Limbed Creature Dances For Charity

Those of you with an internet connection may have heard tall tales of ‘the horrors’ that happen at a furry convention. Thing is though, that the really weird stuff is actually kind of baffling and amazing.

Take for instance, the appearance of a noodled limbed, masked being who danced up a hundred dollars for the sale of the unicorn leotard they were wearing – all for charity, of course. The above video depicts the whole thing, which was one of the final items at the charity auction at Gold Coast’s own furry convention, Furry Down Under. The entire event raised over $4600 for the Animal Welfare League Of Queensland.

In fact, ‘Slendy’ made numerous fleeting appearances throughout the convention; running in and out of panels, room parties and dances before disappearing like some kind of squirmy Batman.The leotard was just one of a two-dozen items that were auctioned – many of which were art pieces that fetched hundreds of dollars in mad bidding wars.

The charity aspect of furry conventions is worth highlighting. This is the second year that Furry Down Under has run a charity event as part of its programming, while in Melbourne, MiDFur/Confurgence has been doing charity events since 2008 and has raised well over $40,000 in that time.

So next time someone asks what a furry convention is like, show them this.

Video shot by Ray Liehm.
Top photo by Logan Husky.