Pens Down For Comikaze

The Queens Birthday weekend has always been a busy weekend for geek events, but this year will be the first year without the Comikaze 48 hour comic challenge. For the past nine years, the lovely folks at Pulp Faction challenged artists across Australia to set aside two days in the long week end devoted to creating comics anywhere from 8 to 24 pages long.

The results were inspired – sometimes inspired by a lack of sleep and crushing deadlines – but inspired nonetheless. Where else would you find cyborgs stopping mid brawl for a family reunion? Or a money and rabbit team fending off a tiny alien invasion with the aid of a gypsy and a kilted Scotsman?

Pulp Faction closed it’s doors last year and Comikaze along with it. All the entries – save the ones marked mature – are still able to be read for the time being. Plus a few artists post their Comikaze entries to their personal sites. But if you have any favourites, now would be the time to save a copy.

Also for artists wanting a similar online art challenge, there’s still 24 Hour Comics Day in October.